about my design…

I believe that good design is concise, not complicated. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Same goes for marketing your business or organization! It really is easy to create a dynamic advertising message and promote your brand without a  lot of hullaballoo. Consistent, well-designed pieces are the key to success!

Whether you need great print pieces, outdoor advertising, or a fresh logo, I can help you navigate endless possibilities. And then some. Simple as that.

it really is worth it

Creating a professional, well-designed business image does not have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to take time away from operating your business either. It just takes the right person to help you make it happen-- that’s me. Most folks don’t like to talk advertising-- or about the investment required to acquire effective advertising. That said, an advertising budget is the single-most important place to allocate funds if you want to keep your business humming along. 

In the way-back machine…

As a kid I was always doodling and drawing, creating books of my own stories and working out my own way of doing things. I always noticed the visual advertising around me… on television, and in so many forms of print. I was child of the 80s and big, bold advertising was everywhere! As I got older I tried to figured out how it worked. Why had I really wanted those darn Lucky Charms every Saturday morning?

After graduating from Caledonia High School in 1996, I attended WWTC in La Crosse, Wisconsin (great program!). Then I landed my first design job in the newspaper industry designing ads and doing page layout for over ten years. I also did newspaper ad sales (uffda!) which allowed me to meet so many great people… and along the way I picked up a few freelance clients. I also got to know folks in the print industry. After a short time doing design work within a promotional products company, in 2009 I opened an office in Spring Grove, Minnesota.  

Then in 2012, Yah Sure You Betcha Shoppe was born. Building on my graphic design base and a flair for custom apparel design, I opened the retail shoppe. We have moved locations twice, and have finally nestled into our forever home since purchasing the building at 118 East Main Street in Spring Grove in 2013.

stuff I love

I’m sort of a typography nut. I love seeing great fonts in use and secretly plan the demise of those that should just go away. (Papyrus, I’m talking to you. And take your pal Tekton with you.) 

I admire images in advertising that strike an emotional chord. 
Simple photographs and great color contrasts. A funky tagline. A clever logo. White space.

I enjoy community volunteering, reading, baking, gardening, photography and the beauty and fresh air of rural living. I also enjoy witty sarcasm and 80s hair bands. (My design is uncomplicated, I’m not.)  I believe there is something to be learned from every experience and perhaps even more from rock and roll lyricists.

P.S. For now, I have taken down the portfolio of projects, as I plan to include a blog soon with more organizational capabilities :)



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I want to help you succeed by delivering your advertising message through cohesive design.

To do that, I need to get to know you and understand how your prospective clients can best be reached through advertising. Come on over or drop me a line so we can get started!

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